Five Ways Big Data Will Boost Digital Gambling

Over 20 years after the launch of the first online betting site, released by Microgaming, the gambling industry has began its steady shift to complete digitalisation. Nowadays, online casinos are so popular that operators need the assistance of big data analysis in order to personalise their games for all types of players. By the way, renown betting operators are already taking advantage of big data analysis in order to improve their customers’ gambling experience.

Ideally, big data will help betting operators create more personalised casino experience for individual players, thus boosting gambling tremendously. Below, Mobile Casino Hub will discuss exactly how big data will transform and stimulate online betting.

1. Realistic Odds Are Determined

Bookmakers are the first gambling operators to utilise big data into their business. Thanks to big data analysis, bookmakers can work out winning and point score patterns and derive more realistic odds. One research has determined that over 72 per cent of UK punters believe that they do not receive a personalised gaming experience, and over 65 per cent of players have said they will be loyal to their betting operator if the operator offered a more personalised service.

Thanks to big data, however, bookmakers can provide players with specifically designed odds as well as exclusive real time offers, which will certainly promote gambling.

2. Better Poker Strategies

Today, poker is much more than a simple card game. Nowadays we have major poker tournaments that are broadcast on renown TV channels and streamed online.

Speaking of poker, big data can be of help to both betting operators and players. Realising the potential of big data analysis, some online casino operators track all major poker tournaments and post statistics for their customers to see. Additionally, operators allow customers to track players’ performance, too. Thus, betting operators attract may new customers, and players can easily follow tournaments’ progress and learn techniques they can utilise while playing.

3. Better Advertising Campaigns

Ever since Vegas’s first casinos opened their doors to the public, cutting-edge technologies have been implemented to make gambling more appealing to the public. Nowadays not only land-based venues, but also online casinos rely on big data in order to improve their marketing campaigns and create more personalised advertisements for individual clients.

Cookies are integrated on as mass scale, providing online casino operators with information about their customers’ preferences – betting operators know what type of food their players like, what kind of games they play, and even how they play them. Knowing what their customers like, casino operators then set out to create more personalised marketing campaigns for different types of players.

Land-based venues, on the other hand, take advantage of big data analysis in order to make their casual customers loyal. Caesars Entertainment’s Total Rewards program, for example, examines every action of Caesars Entertainment’s casino customers. What is more, if clients have a bad day at the casino, they will receive a free gift.

4. Easily Predicted Outcomes

Betting operators are not the only ones to take advantage of big data – players have realised the potential of big data analysis as well. Almost all sports outings have a favourite and an underdog, right? Well, players take advantage of this fact and compare data sets of two teams in order to determine the outcome of a game. Big data analysis can help players correctly determine the outcome of an event in over 90 per cent of all cases.

Incidentally, Google has proved that big data can help a punter determine the outcome of an event. The search engine company managed to correctly predict the outcome of 14 out of all 16 football matches of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Microsoft’s attempt has proved even more successful – utilising big data analysis, Microsoft predicted 15 of all 16 matches.

By the way, sports organisations also rely on big data. Through big data analysis, sports companies can analyse not only the tactics of the opposing team, but the team’s members as well.

5. Players That Want To Stay

Every online betting operator worth their salt will tell you that attracting new clients is pointless if you can not keep them. Big data comes to aid operators here as well. As we said above, the integration of cookies and big data analysis helps operators determine clients’ preferences in order to tailor the most suitable advertising campaigns. But that is not all – big data can also help operators increase retention levels.

Nowadays, casinos feature all sorts of loyalty programs and bonuses. If not customised according to each player’s individual preferences, however, such programs are unlikely to make a casual player loyal. With big data analysis, operators are able to design loyalty programs that appeal to individidual clients.

To sum up, big data is quickly becoming the easiest way for digital casino operators to attract new clients, make casual clients loyal, as well as boost gambling.

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