Decentralized Database Startup Haja Networks Raises Funding

Haja Networks, an Oulu, Finland-based decentralized database startup, raised a funding round of undisclosed amount.

Creathor Ventures provided the funding which also featured Berlin-based BigchainDB. They joined Outlier Ventures and Polychain Capital.

Led by CEO Samuli Pöyhtäri and Chief Technology Officer Vesa-Ville Piiroinen, Haja Networks develops foundational distributed and decentralized technologies for the future Internet. They’re currently building OrbitDB, a scalable peer-to-peer database, and database protocols for a global data layer to re-decentralize the web.

The company’s two new and complementary open-source protocols are:
1. the Decentralized Database Protocol, which is an open protocol to build decentralized databases that enables users to own and control their data. The protocol integrates with existing databases and enables interoperability between structured data sources.
2. Decentralized Database Network, a marketplace for decentralized database services allowing providers to monetize their software whilst businesses in need of data have access to a wide range of services.



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