Customer Success Measurament Startup Cerebri AI Raises $5m in Series A

Cerebri AI, an Austin, TX-based company using artificial intelligence and machine learning to create an universal measure of customer success, closed a $5m Series A funding.

The round was led by M12 (formerly Microsoft Ventures) with participation from the University of Texas Horizon Fund, WorldQuant Ventures, and Leawood Venture Capital.

The company, which has raised $10m to date, plans to use the new funding to expand operations in support of the release of its Cerebri Values™ system.

Led by Jean Belanger, CEO and co-founder, Cerebri AI has spent more than two years developing its patent-pending Cerebri Values system, which is powered by machine learning to quantify each customer’s commitment to a brand or product and also dynamically predicts “Next Best Actions” at scale. This allows large companies to focus on the highest-ROI tactics for accelerating profitable growth.
At the core of Cerebri Values is a system of intelligence that combines millions of all-inclusive customer journeys, built one customer at a time, measuring the specific impact of every single touchpoint – including sales, marketing, and customer service, using dollars as a common denominator. The system has already ingested more than two billion customer touchpoints and events across 12 million consumers to rank, monetize, and provide completely customized “Next Best Actions” recommendations that lead to purchases and increased revenues.
Deployed as a SaaS application running on Microsoft Azure, Cerebri Values operates behind the corporate firewall.

Customers include several Fortune 500 companies including three of the top ten global automakers and two global leaders in financial services.



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