Cell Evolution Raises $750k in Funding at More Than $4.5M Valuation

Cell Evolution, a blockchain decentralized app (dapp), raised $750k in funding.

The round valued the company at a $4.5m valuation was led by San Francisco, CA -based Nebulas Foundation with participation from the gaming platform Cocos Blockchain Expedition and Byte Capital.

Created by a young man named Ling, Cell Evolution is a decentralized sandbox strategy game based on biological science, on the Nebulas blockchain.

Unlike traditional online and mobile games, Ling believe blockchain games need to be built around decentralized community, rather than a single centralized gameplay experience. In Cell Evolution, each player is a biological cell, which must balance adaptability, survivability and fertility to grow and survive. The cell’s growth and data is dependent on the surrounding environment, including the evolution of other cells in the game, and is uploaded to the Nebulas blockchain accordingly. The destiny of the entire cell world is determined by the data of all players. If the balance of the cell population is disturbed, the entire ecosystem will be affected and fail to evolve.
Cell Evolution allows any player to thrive according to the intelligence, creativity and originality of their ideas.



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