ASKfm Brings Society a New Way of Healthy Information Sharing and Consumption

The information era sets new challenges for society. Twenty years ago information was considered wealth. The internet was supposed to collect as much of it as possible.

If you knew where to look, you could just go get it. Today information remains valuable, but the internet and the entire media field’s more like a gushing fountain of mostly mud, part treasure. Nowadays it’s not enough to merely know where to search. It’s become more important to understand how to distinguish the noise from the data and discard the irrelevant.

Search engines help select the most relevant content using their ranking algorithms. However, they search data among available information and often can’t provide you with a direct or precise answer. Thus, you must do additional complex, time-consuming research through the search results. This is far from efficient and handy.

If you chose to escape this chaos and seek information from your friends in social media, because it’s easy and you trust their opinion, you’ll find that someone controls your news feed. You’re not sure you can trust the social media platform itself. You’ve never had the ability to customize the news feed, friend’s liked posts and suggestions suddenly appear in your feed, and you’re not able to read the feed in chronological order. You want to make your social media experience comfortable and secure, but it’s impossible. Social media networks use whichever method is most effective at keeping your attention, as platform owners use more aggressive monetization models. This is one problem ASKfm 2.0 plans to solve.

ASKfm 2.0 Infrastructure

ASKfm 2.0 will be the world’s first social growth network rewarding peer group interaction and inspiring personal development. It will connect users who have questions with those who have answers. The platform will also provide an informal environment for businesses to connect with their customers. There will also be an educational part of the platform including tutoring, online courses, and other informational activities.

ASKfm 2.0 will extend the existing ASKfm infrastructure. The new ecosystem will consist of three additional layers: The Social Center, The Knowledge Center, and The Research Lab. These sections will operate within a single framework. Each layer will be accessible through the ASKfm user’s account, linked to their ASKT wallet.

The Social Center bears a resemblance to the initial ASKfm Q&A social network structure and gives people the possibility to ask celebrities and influencers questions.

The Knowledge Center represents a StackExchange-like interface where all questions related to a specific field of knowledge are represented.

The Research Lab provides predictive analytics based on results of polls, product surveys, and everyday answers by ASKfm 2.0 users.

Your Answer is an Asset

ASKfm 2.0 will renovate social interaction on all levels. On the platform, everyone will be able to get educated in a chosen area. Information exchange will be as easy and transparent as it should be. ASKfm 2.0 is building a next-generation social network, a user-friendly communication channel where knowledge is the main asset.

ASKfm 2.0 is a blockchain-based platform with a community-moderated content evaluation process. Content creators will receive compensation for the knowledge they share. The token mechanics will provide fair and transparent rewards distribution, moving away from an advertising monetization model — making your answer an asset.

Here’s how you can monetize your knowledge on ASKfm 2.0:

● someone needs information;
● you have it and create on-demand content;
● your answer is accepted and highly-rated;
● you’re rewarded with ASKT, the native currency;
● your answer is an asset!

The demand for information is significantly high, and people are seeking unique expert opinions and advice, therefore information has monetary value.

Information is the Future Source of Prosperity

ASKfm 2.0 is a discussion, communication and education platform that will connect newsmakers, expert communities and businesses with their audience. Users will have the possibility to interact with their peer group without any social awkwardness or shyness. Celebrities and experts will be able to easily reach the community and share their knowledge and expertise without obstacles. The blockchain, with its decentralization and transparency, will guarantee that the information users get isn’t distorted by advertising or propaganda.

The platform will create a new kind of knowledge economy using ASKT tokens to empower users and opinion leaders. The blockchain-based platform and tokenization will provide:

● a possibility for users to access and share valuable knowledge in a social environment;
● a way for professionals to get paid for their knowledge and build a community of followers;
● a convenient platform mechanism to expand the user base, receive customer feedback, create loyalty programmes and ensure customer support;
● a place for a growing community, attracting influencers, experts, and celebrities.

Being a blockchain-based social growth network that values knowledge and expertise above all, ASKfm 2.0:

● removes social barriers;
● allows people to easily communicate with their peers;
● increases access to knowledge;
● ensures a community-moderated content evaluation process;
● supports personal connection and development;
● provides transparent rewards distribution;
● enables a shared, open and transparent infrastructure;
● enforces a free flow of information.

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