Artificial Intelligence Startup CoLabs Raises $4M in Seed Funding

CoLabs, a Tampa, Fla.-based artificial intelligence startup, raised $4m in seed funding.

Early investors include business leaders who supported the founders’ previous SaaS venture, eStaff365.

The company will use the money to build a dynamic, cross-functional team of experts in areas such as product development, software engineering, and design.

Co-founded by David Hull, John Wagner and Marc Miller, CoLabs will develop innovative software products using machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize and simplify business processes in major industries.
In August, the company will launch its inaugural product IntelAgree, which is an advanced Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) tool, with early adopters already identified in five major industries: investment banking, technology, staffing, professional services, and commercial real estate.

CoLabs’ Advisory Board members include:
– Paul L Whiting, Sr. (former CEO of Spalding and Evenflo Companies),
– James J. Fredlake (former CEO of Anchor Glass),
– Chad W. Harrod (President of Harrod Properties), and
– Dennis B. Story (CFO of Manhattan Associates).



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