Vicente Quesada Joins Venture Capital Firm Rokk3r Fuel ExO as GP

Vicente Quesada, a former Santander Investment director, joined a Miami-based venture capital firm Rokk3r Fuel ExO as a general partner.

An entrepreneur and investor for the last 20 years, Quesada has founded and invested in more than 30 projects in Spain, Latin America and the U.S. across several sectors, such as technology, e-learning, renewable energies, recycling, water treatment and import/export.

He was the first investor in the Rokk3r Labs ecosystem.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Quesada was High Yield Director in Santander Investments in London. He has been a Visiting Fellow at the Economy Department of Harvard University, as well as a professor at EGADE Business School at the Tecnologico of Monterrey, and at IEB (Madrid Stock Exchange). Quesada has a Ph.D. in Business and Economics UNED-Harvard University, and Owners/President Management OPM Harvard Business School, EDP at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is an Industrial Engineer ICAI.

Led by Jeff Ransdell, Managing Director, Rokk3r Fuel EXO provides a global venture capital firm that invests in new technologies on an international level, working with founders through a tested co-building strategy which gives the next generation of innovators access the resources needed to grow.
It has a portfolio of core exponential organizations, including AdMobilize, SoStereo, Taxfyle and HYP3R (ranked one of the 10 most innovative companies in 2018 by Fast Company).



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