Thryve Secures $1.4M in Funding

Thryve, a San Francisco, CA-based provider of microbiotics and microbiome testing, secured $1.4m in funding.

Backers included PivotNorth Capital, Unilever Ventures, Darling Ventures, Candela Paramount, Abstract Ventures and Joyance Partners.

The company intends to use the funds for increased research, technological developments and exposure to potential consumers.

Founded in 2016 by Richard Lin, CEO, Thryve provides monthly subscription microbiome testing and personalized probiotics that gives consumers knowledge of their own gut bacteria, high potency probiotics and personalized diet and lifestyle recommendations for measurable and noticeable improvements in health and wellness. Subscribers receive results in the form of detailed reports, with information on the various health impacts of the bacteria levels found in their stomach.
The microbiome DNA testing allows the company to provide personalized probiotics to best fit the unique health needs of every individual. Each monthly kit comes with probiotics. Sourced from multiple global probiotic research libraries, Thryve’s probiotics contain strains not commonly found from off-the-shelf varieties and contain high CFU (Colony Forming Unit) counts.



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