The Importance of Data Security

In our modern and digitally connected world, we rely on one thing now more than ever: data. Data is at the heart of everything we do and every product or service we use. The value of data is immeasurable; it is something which everybody is out to get.

Given the recent Facebook data debacle, it is now more obvious than ever just how treasured data is, and the crucial role it is playing in our society. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of thieves out there who want to steal our data for their own personal gain. Cybercrime is at an all-time high and we need to be taking steps to ensure data is secure and not at risk from being compromised and stolen.

#1: Data Is an Asset

Any modern business proprietor will be in ownership of information and data in regard to running that business, including data on customers and clients. Because a company’s data can be used to generate future benefits, (i.e. business plans, marketing plans, information about suppliers and the buyers of your product, etc) it is an extremely valuable asset.

Any asset which can be used to improve your business and make it more profitable should be kept secure and confidential.

#2: Business Reputation

Every business in this world exists for one reason: to provide products or a service to others in return for a profit. When businesses suffer attacks from cybercriminals and data losses or breaches occur, this can seriously harm the reputation of the business in question.
This reason alone should be enough to make any business or company take the security of its data seriously. When a data breach occurs, this can have a serious negative impact on customers and their trust of your business which, in turn, can cause losses in sales and profits take a huge hit.

#3: Destroy Old Data

The importance of data destruction cannot be understated. By storing data which you no longer need or have any use for, you are only facilitating cybercrime. As time goes by, the systems on which data is stored become vulnerable as they are forgotten about and are not looked after. This lapse in security and lack of care about it provides cybercriminals with a golden opportunity to move in and steal it.

There are plenty of data destruction services out there which are certified and regulated; there really is no excuse to have old data banks full of information you no longer need. Plus, if it were to be compromised, you could be criminally or civilly liable for any damage which occurs as a result.

Data has been hailed as one of our world’s most valuable assets and it is the root of recent controversies for the internet’s biggest companies and websites such as Facebook. Thanks to the value which we place on data, cybercriminals are always developing new ways to exploit systems and steal it. As a business owner, it is hugely important that you keep your systems secure so that these data breaches do not occur which protects your reputation and keeps your customers safe.

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