StdLib Secures $2M; Closes $4M Seed Funding Round

Polybit Inc., the San Francisco, CA-based company behind the Standard Library of the Internet (StdLib), secured an additional $2m in strategic financing.

Stripe made the investment which brought Polybit’s total funding to date to $4m.

The investments will further accelerate StdLib’s product and API ecosystem development.

Founded in 2016 by Keith Horwood and Jacob Lee in San Francisco, Polybit has created StdLib, which is focused on using serverless technologies and the commoditization of compute to standardize the way in which companies build APIs. The funding announcement coincides with the release of a new product,, an in-browser code editor and embeddable development environment for building APIs, webhooks, and workflow automation tasks that run on top of the StdLib serverless platform.

The company’s $2M investment from Stripe follows a major investment from Slack and API partnership with MessageBird, the YC-backed Twilio-competitor that raised $60M Series A just last year.




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