Spacemesh Raises $3M in Seed Funding

Spacemesh, a North Pole, AK-based fair blockmesh operating system, raised $3m in seed funding.

Backers included BRM Group, iAngels, Alignment and Bancor.

Spacemesh is building a blockmesh operating system powering a fair, distributed, secure, and scalable smart contracts global computer and a cryptocurrency in the permissionless settings.
It is based on a blockchain based new mathematically proven consensus protocol that allows newcomers to join and contribute to the network via unused space on their hard drives and their computing resources and an incentive-compatible mesh in place of a chain.

The team of Spacemesh is made up of entrepreneurs and academics, including:
– Prof. Tal Moran, faculty member, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya
– Dr. Iddo Bentov, Cornell University
– Aviv Eyal, co-founder of (acquired by Sony)
– Tomer Afek, former co-founder of ConvertMedia, (acquired by Taboola)
– Rami Kasterstein, Managing Partner at Scale-Up Venture Capital



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