SeqOnce Biosciences Secures $1M Seed Financing

SeqOnce Biosciences, Inc., a Pasadena, CA-based a life science company, completed a $1m seed funding.

The round was led by Mount Wilson Ventures (MWV). In conjunction with the financing, Mike Giardello will join the Board of Directors of SeqOnce Biosciences. Dr. Giardello has been an active founder and manager of, and investor in, early-stage startups based in the physical sciences since completing his postdoc at Caltech in 1995.

The funds will be deployed to support the commercialization of SeqOnce’s fast and simple library construction kit for whole genome next generation sequencing (NGS).

Led by Joseph Dunham, Ph.D., co-founder and CSO, and Chris Angermayer, CEO, SeqOnce is developing innovative products for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for the research and clinical markets. Its Library Construction kit, which features a single-tube 3-step highly efficient protocol, including fragmentation, can be applied to DNA from any sample source and can be adapted to most sequencing applications.



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