Catchwind Innovations and VantEdge Ventures Announces Strategic Partnership

Catchwind Innovations, a Minneapolis-based healthcare innovation company, and VantEdge Ventures, a Chicago-based innovation firm and venture fund, have announced a strategic partnership.

The $5M syndicate fund will give Minnesota healthcare startups and innovators access to funding and resources.

Physicians interested in investing in the fund, or anyone looking for more information on how they can get involved, can contact Angel Adams at [email protected]

Catchwind Innovations accelerates and provides visibility to the development path for healthcare technology and medical device startups from concept to commercialization. Its proprietary system and approach connects entrepreneurs at any stage to the expertise, resources and investments at the right time, also allowing startups the ability to foresee industry challenges and roadblocks early on in development.
Founded in 2015, VantEdge Ventures is a Chicago-based innovation firm and venture fund investing in solutions that align clinicians, reduce costs, and bring efficiency to the delivery of healthcare. The $50m fund features a $5m Physician Syndicate and invests in early-stage innovations harvested from health system members participating in a collaborative alliance.



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