PredictImmune Secures £4.3M from Wellcome Trust

PredictImmune, a Cambridge, England, UK-based developer of prognostic tools to guide treatment of patients with immune-mediated diseases, has been awarded £4.3m by the Wellcome Trust.

The funding will be used to support a prospective multi-centre clinical trial of its prognostic biomarker test for treatment guidance in Crohn’s disease, one of the major forms of inflammatory bowel disease.
The study is sponsored by Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Cambridge. The trial is entitled Predicting Outcomes for Crohn’s disease using a Molecular Biomarker, “PROFILE” (

Led by Andrew Sandham, Executive Chairman, PredictImmune is advancing a biomarker test which was developed and validated in Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis patients by researchers at the Department of Medicine at the University of Cambridge, part-funded by Wellcome. A blood test based on genetic markers, it enables for the first time and at first diagnosis of disease, prediction of which course a patient’s illness will take and, therefore, identification of patients likely to experience a severe, relapsing form of disease.

PredictImmune raised £4.7m Series A equity funding in May 2017 led by Parkwalk Opportunities Fund with co-investment from Cambridge Enterprise and Wren Capital. The company is using these funds for commercial development of laboratory services and diagnostic kits for routine use in clinical gastroenterology in Europe and the United States.



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