Pixelligent Technologies Raises $7.6M in Funding

Pixelligent, a Baltimore, MD-based high-index advanced materials manufacturer, raised $7.6M in funding.

The round was led by The Abell Foundation, with participation from TCP Venture Captial’s – Propel I and Propel II venture funds, with participation from strategic partners Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., and Kateeva.

The company intends to use the funds to further drive product commercialization and accelerate global customer adoption.

Led by Craig Bandes, President & CEO, Pixelligent Technologies is an advanced materials manufacturer that leverages nanomaterials to develop dispersion technology for next generation products in OLED and HD display, OLED and LED lighting, and optical coatings and films applications. The PixClear® zirconia dispersions deliver high light extraction, near perfect transmission, increased mechanical strength, and improvements in overall operating efficiencies.
The PixClear® nanocomposites can also be incorporated into the solvents, polymers/monomers, and manufacturing processes most commonly used in electronics manufacturing.



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