Oval Money Raises £1.3M in Funding

Oval Money, a London, UK and and Torino, Italy-based fintech startup, raised a new round of £1.3m.

The new round includes £800k raised from over 1,000 investors via Crowdcube in a campaign we previously reported.

Co-founded by Benedetta Arese Lucini, former CEO of Uber Italy, with Claudio Bedino and Edoardo Benedetto, co-founders of do-it-yourself crowdfunding platform Starteed.com, and Simone Marzola, expert in Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence with previous startups and now CTO, Oval provides  a personal finance app powered by collective intelligence, which features a solution for consumers to save money in a smart and automatic way, which fits with their life of variable income and expenses.

Following the first year of operations, the app has analyzed 4,5 million transactions for over £1 billion of spent value.

The company, which currently has a team of 16 people, is also backed by Mauro del Rio (Buongiorno Spa), Fabio Cannavale (CEO of lastminute.com) and other unnamed managers.



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