DimensionalMechanics Raises $1.25M in Series A-2 Funding

DimensionalMechanics, a Bellevue, Wash.-based company which makes artificial intelligence (AI) accessible to organizations of all sizes, raised $1.25M in Series A-2 funding.

The company also converted $4.22m of debt to preferred stock for a total round of $5.48k which brings the total raised to $7.9m.

DimensionalMechanics operates the NeoPulse Framework, an intuitive development and management platform for AI, which includes a suite of horizontal, reusable tools that enable companies to build AI solutions based on all data types – video, numerical, text, images or audio.
NeoPulse Framework 2.0 gives developers the power to create custom AI models to answer real-world business questions, based on their own data, without being machine learning (ML) experts themselves. NeoPulse Framework 2.0 consists of four main elements:
– NeoPulse Modeling Language 2.0 (NML), a DSL (domain specific language) that fully automates the creation of new AI models to tackle common ML problems (e.g. classification, regression, etc.) regardless of data type (e.g. video, audio, images, etc.).
– NeoPulse AI Studio 2.0, an AI-as-a-service, server-based application, powered by its AI, that helps automate the process of creating custom AI models.
– Portable Inference Models (PIMs), AI models, created by NeoPulse AI Studio 2.0 that can be deployed across different computers, either locally on-premise or in the cloud. The files are containerized artificial neural networks that can be queried using a runtime layer.
– NeoPulse Query Runtime 2.0 (NPQR), a program that allows any application to access the AI models (PIMs) using web-based REST APIs.

DimensionalMechanics gives organizations the versatility to have their AI solutions in the cloud or on-premise. NeoPulse Framework 2.0 is available via cloud deployment, with NeoPulse AI Studio and NeoPulse Query Runtime, downloadable within Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. An on-premise version of NeoPulse Framework 2.0 is expected to be available later this year.



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