Bunch Raises Seven-Figure Seed Funding Round

Bunch, a Berlin, Germany-based culture startup, raised a seven-figure seed funding round.

Backers included High-Tech Gründerfonds, Atlantic Labs and Berlin angels Friedrich Neuman and Marius Schulze.

The company intends to use the funds to continue to develop the product, expand the team, and grow sales.

Led by CEO Darja Gutnick, Charles Ahmadzadeh, and Anthony Reo, Bunch allows companies to calculate the best team makeups, measure each member’s impact on team dynamics, and get actionable recommendations to optimize team performance.
The company, which currently has a 10-person team, aims to allow fast-growing companies to build their teams. Each team member, as well as new candidates in the application process, fill out an online questionnaire based on the “Organizational Culture Profiling” method developed at Stanford University. This allows users to predict behavioral tendencies of individuals and teams in the organization with a high degree of accuracy. The profile measures six dimensions:

  • customer-orientation,
  • results-orientation,
  • collaboration,
  • detail-orientation,
  • focus on principles, and
  • adaptability.

Each employee, team, and department can then experiment with different team setups based on their profiles. A new integration with the Slack communication platform allows teams to continuously monitor and measure the a team’s culture in real-time.

Launched in September 2017, Bunch has been tested by more than 1000 companies with customers including N26, Fraunhofer and AWS competitor Digital Ocean from the United States.




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