Apollo Aviation Group Closes Fourth Aviation Fund, at $950M

Apollo Aviation Group, a multi-strategy aviation investment manager, closed its fourth flagship aviation fund, at $950m.

SASOF IV was oversubscribed by a broad group of public pensions, corporate pensions, foundations, endowments, insurance companies, and others, exceeding the target of $850m.

Led by William Hoffman, Chairman, and Robert Korn, President, Apollo Aviation is a multi-strategy aviation investment manager. In addition to SASOF IV, the firm’s private equity managers manage two private equity funds (SASOF II and SASOF III where Apollo Aviation raised $593 million and $833 million, in 2013 and 2015, respectively) and several private accounts. These funds provide the equity capital for Apollo Aviation’s dynamic and opportunistic approach to aircraft investing including acquiring, refurbishing, marketing and leasing commercial jet aircraft, engines and related assets, disassembly and resale of aircraft and components, and the management of flight equipment assets for investment funds, financial institutions and high net worth individuals.

Founded in 2002, the firm has over 70 employees, with three offices in the U.S., Ireland and Singapore.



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