UK’s Top 2018 Businesses

Every year there are businesses that start up or experience significant progress. There are different trends that affect businesses too. In 2018, there are also many businesses in different fields in the UK that are expected to grow. Below are some of them.

Driving Service Industry

Lately, driverless cars are growing in popularity. With new developments in the driving service industry, many changes are expected in 2018. Researchers found that autonomous taxis would actually cut back on cities’ greenhouse gas emissions. So, many cabs can be easily replaced by self-driving vehicles! This advancement in technology can be very promising.

Development of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is not only primitive marketing automation. Neither does it consist of dehumanising interactions. In fact, more and more leading companies are using AI to perform repeatable tasks or to process large amounts of data. It helps to enrich human interactions and is quickly becoming the norm for practical consumer experiences.
Some examples of AI in daily life are Google Maps and GPS Insight. All the tools and technologies are already available for AI’s development. So in 2018, expect to see more customized content delivery, adapted to a consumer’s persona and lifestyle. Plus, Artificial Intelligence does not tend to be costly.

The Role of Social Media

With the growing popularity of social media these days, you may tend to think that people prefer social networks to real interactions. However, social media does not limit itself to that! Today, the top companies are realising that social media actually helps to build long-term brand loyalty through communities.
Social media of course does not replace human interactions. But it does help to enhance them and make them more valuable. In 2018, it is expected that those companies which decreased their live events on social networks in the past would be back on the scene. That’s because consumers are all connected in a virtual world, thus building in-person relationships more rapidly. This helps to boost up their business. is also very successful as a business as it continues to evolve in the online gaming world today. Plus, this top online site has its own social media page, where you can interact with other users. It also gives you the chance to know about the latest added games and other player’s experiences of the site.

Live Streaming

Do you love streaming videos? In 2018, it is expected to gain more momentum, especially into the business world. Customers are no longer interested in impersonal or generic marketing. They want more real connections. A video is already a most viewed content, but live video is even better! As a business tool, it is a most effective way to engage with your audience.
With the growing popularity of smartphones, video is now a most digestible form of media. When a business adds live components using real people in real time, it connects with consumers in a more honest and personal way. This is what makes it different and unique. According to researches, 80% of the audience prefer live videos to blogs and 82% prefer live videos to social posts. Thus, it is expected that companies who plan to or already use live stream videos will see more growth.
These are some of the top businesses that are more likely to grow in 2018. There are also other types of businesses that can develop and progress during the year. These trends definitely bring about changes in the business world.

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