Play2Live Raises $30M in ICO

Play2Live, a Malta, Valletta-based blockchain eSports platform, raised $30M in ICO.

The campaign in total in less than two months.

The funds will be used to build an ecosystem for streaming and gaming projects, with Play2Live’s proprietary cryptocurrency Level Up Coin (LUC) as payment within the system.
The ICO will further develop the Play2Live Level Up Chain, which will allow the team to create an end-to-end solution for streamers, gamers and eSports fans, covering all their needs.

Led by Alexey Burdyko, CEO and Founder, Play2Live Founded in 2017, Play2Live aims to merge blockchain technology with streaming services to create an ecosystem where every participant – the viewer, the streamer, and the eSports tournament organizer – interact and is able to earn money.
Play2Live uses a token called Level Up Coin (LUC) which acts as a sole internal mean of payment within the system. It can be easily converted to other cryptocurrencies, or to fiat money through a special exchange service/API.

In February 2018, Play2Live held the world’s first eSports tournament in CS:GO with a cryptocurrency prize pool; Play2Live CryptoMasters with eight international teams taking part in the tournament with a mainprize of 2,000,000 LUC tokens ($100,000).
The tournament was broadcasted in 16 languages and gained 950k views.



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