Multicoin Capital Attracts Globally Renowned Investors

Multicoin Capital, an Austin, Texas-based thesis-driven cryptofund that invests with a multi-year time horizon in blockchain tokens, announced new investors.

David Sacks and Bill Lee (Craft Ventures), Marc Andreessen, Chris Dixon, Compound, Vy Capital, Passport Capital, Adam Zeplain (mark VC), Ari Paul (Blocktower), and Elad Gil (Color Genomics, Twitter) will now invest with Multicoin Capital.

This announcement follows the addition of Vinny Lingham, the founder of Civic, as General Partner in December 2017, and the official announcement of the firm in October 2017.

Led by Kyle Samani, co-founder and Managing Partner, Multicoin Capital is a thesis-driven cryptofund. We invest long term in tokens that reshape entire sectors of the global economy. To date, the firm has issued five token reports focused on fundamental analysis, demonstrating its commitment to thesis-driven investing.
The firm expects to close their $250M flagship fund by the end of Q2 2018.



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