Hicky Launches Blockchain Driven Dating App; ICO Still Running

Hicky, the German startup that is advancing a dating platform that leverages blockchain technology, has reached the soft cap of its token sale.

The funds will be used to continue to continue to follow the roadmap, with the Hicky Decentralised Application (DApp) on the way to its official release.
Hicky is to launch its DApp in english, making it available to users in the European market before expanding to further countries. It will be available for both the iOS and Android platforms. The Alpha release will include encrypted messaging, encrypted data storage and identity verification via face scan technology.

Trying to overcome the issues traditionally faced by online dating websites, which are prone to fake profiles, hacks, and incentive misalignment between platform owners and users, the Hicky platform is powered by the HKY token to ensure security and incentivize good behaviour. Hicky verifies its user base, stores data on the immutable blockchain and incentivizes users via the token economy. Matching occurs based on predefined filters and attributes ensuring that matches are highly relevant.

The startup is now launched to reach the token sale hard cap with its ICO to finish soon.

The token (HKY) sale is organized around smart contracts running on the Ethereum blockchain. Participants can send either Ether, Bitcoin or Litecoin to the designated address and receive HKY at a rate of 7.500 HKY per ETH. The gathered funds will be sent to a multisig address that is controlled by Hicky. HKY received by contributors will be transferable 7 days after the end of the contribution period.

The company will allocate the tokens to:
– public contributors who send ETH, BTC, BCC to the smart contract address (60%),
– core developers (20%), founders and team, locked in a smart contract with a 18 month vesting period, and 6 month cliff,
– platform operations and updates (10%),
– advisors (5%) and
– marketing (5%).

– Payment methods: ETH, BTC, LTC
– Soft cap: 3.000 ETH
– Hard cap: 36.000 ETH
– Token exchange rate: 7.500 HKY per ETH
– Total token supply (max): 481.500.000


Twitter: https://twitter.com/HickyDapp

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