Fortem Technologies Closes $15M Series A Funding

Fortem Technologies, Inc., a Pleasant Grove, UT-based developer of airspace awareness and intelligence solutions, closed a $15m Series A funding.

The round was led by DCVC (Data Collective) with participation from Boeing, and Mubadala Investment Company, as well as Manifest Growth, New Ground Ventures and founding investor Signia Venture Partners.

Led by Timothy Bean, CEO, Fortem Technologies provides a radar system for detecting airborne objects. The Fortem TrueView radar system can be deployed on an aircraft to allow customers to build safe air taxis and helicopters, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles that can operate autonomously beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).
The system can simultaneously track thousands of objects—each smaller than a soda can, travelling at high velocity, across a 360-degree field of view. Lightweight and low power, TrueView R20 weighs 1.5 pounds and consumes less power than an LED street light.

When necessary, this airspace system can then dispatch security resources, including fleets of Fortem DroneHunters™. DroneHunters™ are fully autonomous BVLOS hunter drones, guided by the long range onboard Fortem TrueView radar system — fused with other sensors — to safely remove any drone from a no fly zone without risk to civilians.



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