Automated Knife Sharpening Helps Palo Alto Moms in Home Cook

A recent innovation is now helping moms in Palo Alto to become better cooks. Previously, moms had to use blunt knives or spend money buying replacements for their knives.

A sharp knife is safer to use than a blunt knife. A dull knife can skip or drag when cutting and this increases the chance of injury. Moms in Palo Alto love cutting up food nicely into creative shapes. But this isn’t possible with a dull knife as the knife will tear up the food bad. Sharp knives also last longer.
Herbs look fresh when they are cut cleanly. But when a dull knife is used, the cut won’t be even, the cells around the cut will be crushed, and discoloration and wilting will set in faster. Dull knives also require more concentration and effort than usual. A sharp knife will cut the exact quantity needed. A dull knife won’t cut the exact amount that you want.

Most knife sharpeners in the market are often stressful to handle and take time to get the job done. You need to hold the knife carefully for several minutes while the sharpening is going on. There is also a level of inaccuracy involved as there is nothing to indicate when a knife is sharp or not. You have to use your intuition to determine if a knife is sharp enough for usage.

Also, most knife sharpeners can’t hold more than one knife. And most knife sharpeners require the presence of someone there to monitor the sharpening of the knife. Old knife sharpeners also require one to know the edge angle before the knife can be sharpened well. Some knife sharpeners also have different configurations, and you will need to find the right type of knife sharpener with a configuration that will meet your needs.

But ReSharp is changing things. With ReSharp, moms in Palo Alto can sharpen their kitchen knives in less than one minute.

ReSharp has an automated knife sharpening machine that scans the edge of all knives and grinds a perfectly controlled, burr-free bevel to the edge of the knives. There is also a high of accuracy involved as the machine determines if the knives are sharp enough for you. All you need to do is to leave your knives for the machine to do its work. The machine can also hold a complete set of knives.
The sharpening machine works for all kinds of knives. Speed, pressure, belt angle and other things can be customized with the knife sharpening machine. The machine uses a microscopic camera to detect the burr which is a sign that a knife has reached its optimal sharpness.

Now Palo Alto moms no longer have to guess how long their knives will take to get sharp. There is nothing to dislike about the machine used by ReSharp.

This Automated knife sharpener was invented by Dmitriy (Jim) Kolchin, the inventor. Kolchin is a Russian born inventor that has invented different things and started various businesses. There was an Indiegogo campaign to promote this knife sharpener invention, and the campaign surpassed its funding goal in less than a month.

ReSharp is conveniently located at Hassett Hardware at 875 Alma St. in Palo Alto. Palo Alto moms can go there to sharpen their knives every day from 9am to 6pm. Knives can be sharpened for as little as $5. Plus, there is a special promotion available, where the first knife is sharpened free.
Thanks to ReSharp, moms in Palo Alto can work better, smarter, safer and faster. ReSharp is helping moms in Palo Alto become better cooks thanks to their fast, automated sharpening machine.

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