5 Bedtime Habits of Successful People You Should Follow

Who doesn’t want to be successful? However, being successful is no cakewalk, which many of us might have experienced! But, there are some specific habits that are characteristic of successful people that we can all follow.

For instance, we all have our own bedtime rituals. But you may be surprised to know that these bedtime rituals can lay the foundation of your success. Many researchers have revealed that our mood and energy levels in a day are greatly impacted by the things that we did before sleeping and how much you have slept, the prior night. In fact, if you are not sleeping with a comfortable and high quality bedding set, your spine might get severely affected and you could feel drowsy and fatigued all day long, says an expert at Guzel Dezayns, provider of luxury bedding sets and cushions.

This also means that we can design our bedtime ritual for maximum productivity, just like the most successful people in the world do. Here are four rituals that are hard to adopt but will payback forever.

4 Bedtime Habits for Success

  1. They Read: Be it Bill Gates or Arianna Huffington, super successful people take timeout to read before calling it a night. Reading before bed signals your body that it is time to wind down, which helps you to sleep better, even after a stressful day. The books can be of anything that interests you, be it a romantic novel, ancient philosophy or a public health survey! If you aren’t reading for yourself, you can read a book for your children, just like AOL CEO Tim Armstrong does.
  2. Disconnect from Work: Many people might think that the most successful people work 24/7. They must be obsessively checking their e-mails or cracking a million-dollar deal in the middle of the night. But the truth is, truly successful people do disconnect themselves from their work when it’s time to sleep. They make sure that their brain is disconnected from work and the mind is absolutely clear, before they hit the sack. Don’t worry, if you are not in a habit of doing so, keep practicing. It is one habit that even the most successful people have developed with time.
  3. Unplug Completely: A huge fan of print books, The Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington has banned electronic devices like iPads, Kindle and laptops from her bedroom. It can be tempting to reach out for a gadget if it is present within arm’s reach. The key to peaceful and adequate sleep is not only to disconnect from work but to unplug completely. People who struggle to turn off their smartphone, television, and other electronic devices every night struggle to get good sleep as well, since the light coming from the screens appears similar to the brightness of the sun to the brain, which tells the body to stay awake. So, stop checking social media or emails, or watching movies and even playing games on your phone before you hit the bed.
  4. Create a To-Do List for the Next Day: Instead of waking up clueless every morning, successful people make sure they have a list of important tasks in hand for the next day before they go to sleep. Night-time is best suited for creating a task list for the next day, since you are already loaded with desires and dreams you have nurtured all through the day, giving you an idea what you should do in order to accomplish them, which becomes your to-do list for the next day.

One more thing successful people pay attention to is their bed and bedroom, which should be inviting and relaxing. This can be easily achieved by investing in embroidered & designer bedding collections and luxury cushions.

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