How to Block Apps on Android Phones to Let Kids Study

On one hand, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are disupting education bringing innovation and improvement in the classroom and in the relationship betwwen teachers, students and parents.

On the other end, according to recent studies, both K12 and college students spend more class time than ever playing with their digital devices. This basically means they don’t pay attention, miss instruction, and can be called out by their teachers/professors.
Teachers, parents, and students from all school levels generally agreed on restricting the use of mobile phones during classes and exams.

Parent have the right to know what the kids are doing with their digital devices, introduce controls and rules. In order to avoid distractions given by the exaggerated use of mobile devices from kids while studying (and while communicating with others at school or during the day, a fundamental activity while growing up), some Android applications can help.
These “blockers” can be installed on an Android device to block certain apps as well as some websites at a certain time.

Among them, here

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