Hack Capital Raises $750k in Seed Funding

Hack Capital, a Vancouver, Canada-based provider of an ops platform built for startup founders, raised a $750k in seed funding.

Investors include Geoff Entress (Pioneer Square Labs), David Tedman (Invoke Media), Kevin Hobbs (Van Bex Ventures), Jonathan Bixby (Stanley Park Ventures), Brent Holliday (Garibaldi Capital), Mike Edwards (Initio Group), Chris Bissonnette (Pallasite Ventures), Conconi Growth Partners, David Hamilton, Chris Neumann (Datahero / 500 Startups), Colin Harris (PMC-Sierra), Alex Norman (TechTO / Angel List Canada), Barney Pell (Moon Express), Dave Johnson (Phone Gap / Adobe) & Patrick Lor (Panache VC).

The company intends to use the funds to grow the CTO.ai team across Canada and expand its service globally.

Led by Kyle Campbell, CEO, Hack Capital provides CTO.ai, an AI powered service platform for accelerating engineering efforts and is working to launch CRO.ai, to grow the user base, measure impact and plot trajectory, CPO.ai, which streamlines the back office, and CHRO, which support teams via hiring, benefits and payroll.



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