Breed Reply to Seek IoT Investment Opportunities in Europe

Breed Reply, an active operational investor in early-stage internet of things (IoT) businesses, has launched a new Europe-wide search for IoT investment opportunities.

It is the seventh time Breed Reply has run its “Best in Breed” programme where companies with IoT innovations and products invited to apply to Breed Reply with their investment cases.
The best projects will receive funding – typically in the range of £1 million – along with advisory and support services from Breed Reply.

Successful applicants will pitch to a team with significant experience in scaling up early-stage businesses, in-depth understanding of different markets, proven track record in sales channel development and strong technological DNA.

Investments from previous “Best in Breed” programmes, first launched in 2014, include:
– Canard Drones (Drones, Spain)
– Cocoon (Smart Home, UK)
– Connecterra (AgriTech, The Netherlands)
– enModus (Smart Buildings, UK)
– Gymcraft (Wellness, Spain)
– Iotic Labs (IoT Platform, UK)
– Inova Design (Health & Wellness, UK)
– Kokoon (Wellness, UK)
– RazorSecure (Cybersecurity, UK)
– Senseye (Industrial IoT, UK)
– Sentryo (Industrial Security, France)
– Wearable Technologies (Industrial health & safety, UK)

Led by Emanuele Angelidis, CEO, Breed Reply funds and supports the development of early-stage companies in the Internet of Things (IoT) in Europe and the USA focusing on Health, Fitness & Wellness, Smart Building & Cities, Security, Industrial IoT, Big Data, Platforms, Drones. Based in London, with operational offices in Germany and Italy, the firm supports entrepreneurs and young talent via funding at early-stage level; active operational involvement with significant know how transfer of business, managerial and technological expertise; and go-to market support through the extensive Reply network.



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