ReadCoor Receives Grant from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

ReadCoor, Inc., a Cambridge, MA-based company innovating omics and pathology with its panomic spatial sequencing platform, received a grant from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) and DAF, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

The amount of the grant was not disclosed.

The company intends to use the funds to spatially map cortical cells using Fluorescent in situ Sequencing (FISSEQ) for the Human Cell Atlas.

Led by Shawn Marcell, Chief Executive Officer, ReadCoor delivers a panomic spatial sequencing platform to the global audience of researchers, clinicians, pharma and diagnostics companies. Its Fluorescent in situ Sequencing (FISSEQ) simultaneously integrates high-throughput sequencing, and three-dimensional morphometric analysis.

The collaboration’s goal is to benchmark in situ technologies and establish best practices for the Human Cell Atlas. The atlas will contain in depth variance maps of cell transcriptomes, genomes, proteomes, metabolomes, and epigenetic landscapes. FISSEQ will provide deep insight into cell variation in the context of the tissue microenvironment. FISSEQ also delivers researchers an opportunity to locate genes that have mutated away from the original sequence due to its ability to produce reads without known gene targets.

The research project is part of an Allen Institute-led consortium of world-class research institutions. Members include:
– the Allen Institute for Brain Science (Ed Lein and Hongkui Zeng),
– Broad Institute (Aviv Regev, Evan Macosko and Fei Chen),
– California Institute of Technology (Long Cai and Barbara Wold),
– Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (Anthony Zador),
– Harvard University (George Church, Paola Arlotta and Xiaowei Zhuang),
– Karolinska Institute (Sten Linnarsson),
– KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Joakim Lundeberg),
– Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Ed Boyden),
– Stockholm University (Mats Nilsson), and
– the University of California, San Diego (Kun Zhang).



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