Pennsylvania Energy Company Says No More to Price Hikes

American Power and Gas, a Pennsylvania energy company, promises to provide consumers with affordable energy without any trouble.

Energy is expensive. As per figures generated in 2010, the US spends about $1.205 trillion on energy alone. The figure is huge, and while consumer spending on energy seems to have decreased according to latest figures, it is still a lot and there is obviously a need to control costs.

Consumers have been complaining of high prices for a while now, but reports suggest that they spent less on energy bills in 2016, and the credit for this largely goes to the introduction of renewable energy.

We have added around 76 GW of renewable energy into the capacity. This, along with natural gas energy, meets around 50% of the country’s power requirement, up from 38% reported in 2011.

However, consumers still do not seem to be very happy. They still find prices to be too high, and are looking for more affordable solutions. In such tough times, they can turn to American Power and Gas.

This energy company has been in the business for over a decade and now has over half a billion dollars in revenue every year, well on their way to becoming the next “energy unicorn”.

What started as a small company is now among the leading energy companies in the US, and this is all due to its innovative products and pricing models.

Many people wonder how it is able to offer such great services at such affordable rates. We dig deep into the system to find out all the answer for you. Let’s know more:

Reasons American Power and Gas is Affordable

Let’s find out why this company should be your go-to option if you need energy to run your house or office.

It Offers Renewable Energy
Renewable energy is energy created by using resources such as sunlight, air and wind. Since these resources are not scarce, the cost of creating energy is a lot lesser than traditional or thermal energy, which is why consumers get to enjoy energy at affordable rates.

Plus, companies do not have to spend any money to buy sunlight or air etc., it is available for all to use. As a result, the cost is low and they are hence able to provide energy at overall low costs.

Also, with better technology, we will soon be able to reduce overhead and installation costs as well, making renewable energy a lot more affordable.

It Promises No Price Hikes
Weather is unpredictable and sudden weather changes can create havoc for customers. Consider recent Texas floods that caused many power stations to shut down, resulting in a decrease in the production of energy that caused the prices to go up.

Moreover, weather changes can also cause certain resources to suddenly be more expensive. Consider natural gas, for example, it becomes more expensive during winters because it’s more in demand. Plus, the amount of reserves also depletes during such times causing prices to go high.

As a result, energy becomes more expensive and you have to pay more. However, American Power & Gas removes this problem altogether by offering consumers security in the name of fixed prices.

This means the price for he energy is fixed and is not affected by outside sources. This guards you against sudden shifts in the weather.

We have to mention here that weather is not the only factor that affects prices. During these tough political times, one has to be really careful as prices are largely affected by political decisions.

For example, the government is considering a ban on important crude oil from the Middle East (OPEC). If such a plan is successful, there might sudden be a dearth of crude oil that will send its prices skyrocketing, as a result prices of energy would also go very high.

At the end of the day, it is the end consumer who suffers, and sadly there isn’t much one can do about it. However, now there is an option in the form of American Power and Gas.

This company provides you the opportunity to save money on energy costs. This is the need of the hour as traditional means of energy are only getting more expensive, and eventually we’ll all have to turn to renewable energy.

This great company is offering a unique solution by providing fixed rates to consumers. This means the rate will not change even when other factors change. You will pay the amount you agreed on and the price will not be affected by weather, geopolitical or other such changes.

This is great because when you know the fixed cost, you can also plan in advance as you will not be taken by surprise when the bill arrives.

In researching various energy companies, It was found that they are one of the few companies out there that have totally banned ‘Price Hikes’ and levies no extra charges either. Consumers everywhere seem to have accepted it with open arms as it offers them a unique experience.

Free Consultation
American Power & Gas provides free consultation to all its clients. This allows the company to know their customers better and provide them with great customer service.

The motive is not only to provide energy, but to satisfy clients. This is why the employees at American Power & Gas go a step higher to understand their clients better.

They speak to the clients, know their requirements and go through their energy consumption history to ensure that each customer saves money. It is a difficult process, but the energy company has experts on the panel to reach a decision.

They’re currently one of the fastest growing companies in the US and its ability to satisfy all its customers is one of the main reasons why it has shown such expansive growth in such a short span of time.

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