Clobotics Raises $5M in Series A+ Financing

Clobotics, a Shangai, China-based computer vision technology startup, raised $5m in Series A+ financing.

The round was led by KTB Network, with participation from GGV Capital and Capital Development Investment Fund (CDIF).

The round of funding will be used to further advance its R&D capabilities and continue to deepen its industry solution stacks.

Led by George Yan, founder and CEO, Clobotics has developed a compute-vision based wind turbine blade inspection service using UAV drones. By integrating customized UAV drone hardware with computer vision software, it automatically takes pictures of wind turbine blade surfaces, and then uses computer vision to inspect the images on the cloud. The system notifies maintenance personnel of damages, deterioration, and other early warning signs, which are critical for reducing the cost of maintenance.
The company is headquartered in Shanghai, China, with an R&D center in Seattle.



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