Talenya Completes $3M Financing Round

Talenya, a Hoboken, Israel-based technology based recruitment company, raised $3m in funding.

Backers included Lool Ventures and Gal Ventures as well as executives from recruitment companies such as Dalia Narkis and Stuart Marvin from Manpower.

The company also received a grant from the Israeli Government’s National Authority for Innovation.

Talenya has developed a new recruitment technology platform which uses big data, AI and machine learning algorithms to find virtually any person with finger prints on the web, collect all relevant information about them and match their profiles with potential jobs. The technology also predicts the likelihood of people being interested in new career opportunities. Given this, Talenya can identify quality talent which is off the radar of traditional recruiters and reach them first.
The company uses a network of experts with specific domain expertise to contact and evaluate potential candidates for each job search. Using the platform these talent experts open their own recruitment practice and gain access to employer clients and matching candidates immediately.



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