Torque Raises $25M in Series A Funding

Torque, a Cambridge, Mass.-based immuno-oncology company developing cell therapies that direct and evoke immune responses in the tumor microenvironment, raised $25m in Series A funding.

Flagship Pioneering made the investment.

Led by Chief Executive Officer Bart Henderson, President and Founder Chairman of the Board Ulrik Nielsen, PhD, and co-founder Darrell Irvine, PhD, Torque provides a platform that makes it possible to anchor stimulatory cytokines, antibodies, and small molecules directly to immune cells to direct their activity and increase their efficacy and durability in the “hostile” tumor microenvironment, without systemic exposure.
Deep-Primed™ therapeutics are designed to activate only the T cells that are targeting the tumor. This is achieved by anchoring the immunomodulators to the surface of the immune cell to act locally, in the microenvironment, overcoming the barriers to effective, durable, and safe cancer immunotherapy.

The company is applying the platform across all immune cell therapeutic classes: CAR T cells, TCR therapeutics, NK cells, and Tumor-Associated Antigen (TAA)-specific T cells.



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