Startups That Are Giving Singapore Cleaning Agencies a Run for Their Money

With many developments in Singapore, homeowners now have a reason to smile because they can find a plethora of options when it comes to choosing cleaning services. The ease of starting a Private Limited Company has enabled business aspirants to create startups in all sectors including the cleaning services. This has not turned out so well for veterans in the business. These flourishing new businesses seem to have better ideas, equipment, efficiency and fair charges.

The Efficiency of Using Cleaning Agencies

Unlike the old ways of calling cleaning contractors, who would take forever to respond, the young and innovative workforce has created websites where homeowners and contractors can meet. The beauty of using these methods is that once a homeowner fills out the details of the work at hand, many contractors can instantly see and bid. One such website is Kluje, which boasts over 3,000 active users.
Another active site,, was founded by a 23-year-old Ramkumar Govindarajan and is doing very well with over 2,000 active members despite being on the market for only a short time now. It also uses the same idea of bringing clients together with numerous cleaning services providers. Apart from that, they also have other services needed by homeowners like plumbing, home repairs and the like.
The founder of ProperHands became interested in venturing into this after a long struggle to get service providers for his clients in the areas of electrical engineering, plumbing, and cleaning. The 29-year-old Wayne Soh is now in full operation of his startup, which is doing equally as well as the others. He further says that the initiative has eliminated the problems that emanated from contacting the experts directly. Now they can take only the jobs that they can handle.

What Clients Say About the New Entrants

According to information gathered from various comments about these companies, most clients are happy about the whole approach of engaging the services of cleaning businesses. According to one Google staff who wanted to hire a maid, it only took less than 10 minutes to do so through ProperHands, and he did not pay any agency fee. This was just one happy client among many who has confessed that this is the best way to go.
Another client was quoted saying that most cleaning agents will charge some money upfront while the websites do not. According to her argument, saving the average matching fee and a relatively lower flat rate per hour will enable more homeowners to seek these services. This does not even take in to account the efficiency and time savings that comes with the new entrants.

Reaction of the Old Businesses

Singapore’s cleaning agencies are likely to get more new entrants, making the competition tougher. What is more is that the juniors are more creative and efficient, which poses a threat to the veterans unless they keep up with the pace. The MopSquad, which has been in the market for over ten years, is now under a great threat despite the owner disagreeing with this assertion. All such businesses must keep up very quickly with the pace of competition.

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