Nautilus Data Technologies Raises $26m in Funding

Nautilus Data Technologies, a Pleasanton, California-based developer of green technology for water-cooled data centres, raised $26m (approx. €22m) in funding.

Backers included Ireland Strategic Investment Fund, Emerson Elemental, Singapore’s Keppel Group and other private clean tech investors.

The company intends to use the funds to advance its green technology and build new modular data centres in Ireland and for global markets.

Led by Arnold Magcale, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, and James Connaughton, President & Chief Executive Officer, Nautilus Data Technologies develops green technology for water-cooled data centres, which can be situated either on waterborne barges or on land adjacent to a large water source. The company’s technology aims to deliver a reduced environmental footprint at a substantially lower cost, when compared with existing facilities, through enhanced energy efficiency, virtually no usage of water, water treatment chemicals, or potent greenhouse gas refrigerants, and reduced carbon emissions and air pollution.



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