LH-Crypto Collects $1.3M and Launches “Last Chance” Campaign

Hong Kong – 23/11/2017 – The world’s first crypto-broker LH-Crypto has already closed Soft Cap on the Pre-ICO.

Although at the moment the Pre-ICO of the project hasn’t finished yet, the company can boast of the amount of collected funds of more than 1 000 000 $! The clients of Larson&Holz have already supported the project of creating the crypto-broker LH-Crypto by investing more than 1 000 000 $.

The technical support of the broker Larson&Holz has received from customers a large number of applications for the purchase of the tokens LHC, but the difficulty is that Forex traders don’t usually have cryptocurrency for direct purchase of tokens. However, the company has found a way out of this situation – these funds will be debited from the accounts of the investors and credited to the total balance of the ICO at the end of the pre-sale.

Before the finish of the pre-sale, the company has announced the start of the campaign LAST CHANCE +15% – that is, the company has given the opportunity to investors to get the tokens LH-Crypto 15% cheaper! However, the bonuses of this promotion summarizes with other bonuses and it means that it is possible to obtain the tokens LHCoin with the maximum benefit. For example, any participant of the pre-sale gets an additional 21% on the amount of the purchase, we add to that another 15% according to the new campaign and receive the overall gain of 36%! Also by buying the tokens now you can become a part of the program EARLY BIRD BONUS on the most advantageous terms and you will be able to get chargebacks!

The campaign LAST CHANCE +15% is going to last from the 23d of November up to the 2nd of December. Gift tokens will be immediately credited to your account and will be sent exactly after the ICO.

The project LHCrypto is a project of the first cryptobroker, which successfully solves the problems of the modern trade market. Today, most brokers accept payments from users in fiat currencies – US dollars, Euros and others. It means that all transactions are carried out in these currencies within the exchange. Such an approach prevents a number of users from countries with rigid exchange restrictions – most of the Arab countries and countries of Asia – from joining the market.

The need of licensing to work in the field of trading complicates the business of the companies and significantly increases their expenditures. Another problem on trading market is different commission fees for banking services and the loss due to unfavorable exchange rates.

Nowadays while effecting any transactions within the exchange, a broker is obliged to use the services of third parties, that’s why he loses 5-6% on each trade. Moreover, unfavorable terms of exchange of cryptocurrency for fiat currencies scare away most members of the cryptocurrency community from participation in the market. LH-Crypto is the world’s first cryptobroker, within its frameworks all financial transactions will be carried out only in cryptocurrency. The project LH-Crypto will involve in trading new participants and will save users from unnecessary costs and financial losses.

Arranging all the settlements on the stock exchange in cryptocurrency while using blockchain technology will solve the problem of cooperation with users from China, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Arab countries and other countries with hard currency legislation once and for all. This will allow a broker to increase significantly the involvement of users in the field of trading.Another important point is saving on the commission. Implementation of financial operations in fiat currencies requires the use of banking services, which lead to the loss of the broker up to 6% on each transaction. Transactions in cryptocurrencies with a fixation on the blockchain eliminate this need and enable the broker to reduce the operating expenses from 6% to 1%. The remaining 5% the company will distribute to investors as an income from operating activities.

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