Gamma Alloys Receives Investment from Boeing HorizonX Ventures

Gamma Alloys, a Valencia, Calif.-based advanced materials producer, received an investment from Boeing HorizonX Ventures, the investment arm of Boeing [NYSE: BA].

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

The company intends to use the funds to explore applications across demanding industries such as aerospace while accelerating nanoparticle material development and the full-scale industrialization of its manufacturing processes.

Founded in 2008 and CEO Mark Sommer, Gamma Alloys is a technology company focused on developing advanced metal-matrix composites for use in aerospace, automotive and other industries to reduce weight and cost of materials. The company’s nano-reinforced aluminum alloys, where the aluminum is reinforced with microscopic particles, or nanoparticles, provide increased stiffness, improved wear resistance, and greater strength than current materials across a wider range of temperatures.
Gamma Alloys is particularly focused on custom solutions where design engineers are currently limited in what they can create with traditionally available materials.



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