Ezugi Live Casino Games now Available at Cleopatra Online Casino

An online casino is only as good as its partnerships and counterparts, and Cleopatra Online Casino has their bases covered. This newly minted online mainstay has surrounded itself with the top names in the industry. To infuse variation and new experiences into their online space, the casino has drawn from many different sources for their gaming production. While still developing their own exclusive content, these partners have created for the most diverse online collection of gaming means. One of these partnerships comes with Ezugi Live Dealers at Cleopatra Online Casino.

Ezugi was developed in 2014. They launched their product software worldwide, reaching all ends of the globe with their extensive technology. Their premise relies heavily on the use of live formatted gaming. Whether it be live dealers or live machines, this development company truly looks to immerse their players within the technology. The focus is centered heavily on the human experience, reducing the need for speculation and suspicions consciously created with computer based means. They extend their services to a wide market and have therefore worked to develop content with a purpose or a need. They only produce items that are high in demand or are items that will draw interest from a diversified consumer base. This is where they fit the Cleopatra casino mold almost perfectly. Cleopatra looks to draw users from all backgrounds by featuring over 2,650 different unique gaming models. Ezugi only accounts for a small portion of this contribution, but their presence is immediately felt by this new Australian casino.

Their table game dealers are being contracted and branched out to the Cleopatra space. These dealers have had years of experience and training in the many table games featured at a casino. Many come with a background of in-house experience, helping to create a nice flow of conversation of interaction with online users. Their staple products come from the most popular titles in the table gaming space. BlackJack, Keno, Roulette, and others make up their diversified product list. One of the most intriguing ventures may be their implementation of a live lottery experience. Each week millions of users participate in state lotteries and Powerball play, trying for a chance at changing their lives. Ezugi introduces live individuals that stir the ping-pong ball pot and present each number in a visually appealing manner. This platform mimics these lotteries and it is a great way to participate in a drawing from within the comfort of the home.

Ezugi carries over its entire library of titles and dealers. It is bringing recognition to the live casino space and increasingly involving users in the experience. This notion allows users to receive a more personable interaction with other players and the game operators, reducing the attachment of strings and loopholes. It creates a real environment that can mimic that of any in-house location, which is something users love to see. Ezugi becomes added to a long list of talent that Cleopatra casino is currently featuring. These partnerships continue to flourish and the names being introduced continue to draw from the top of the talent pool. CleopatraCasino.com is taking shape as one of the top online casinos ever produced, so join them on their run to the top.

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