ExtraSlice Raises $1M in Funding

ExtraSlice, a Bellevue, Wash.-based technology-focused flexible workspace and hybrid technology campus, raised $1m in funding.

Investors include a variety of angel investors as well as organizations such as Benaroya Capital.

The company plans to apply the funding to key areas of physical and virtual technology infrastructure and space expansion, as well as sales and marketing and develop local and global networks of professional service and technology providers.

Co-founded by co-CEOs Meghana Subramarian and Binu Regunathan, ExtraSlice is a technology-focused flexible workspace and hybrid technology campus bringing together resident companies with a platform of training and service providers to deliver new technologies to market.
The company caters to technology companies of all sizes including early startup, emerging and enterprise. In addition to workspace, ExtraSlice’s community enables technology companies, training and service providers to connect with each other, creating an ecosystem where they can collaborate, grow, and connect with the rest of the globe. The company also regularly hosts technology-focused events, as well as a channel for technology companies to generate marketplace feedback on new technologies and products.

For large entreprises, ExtraSlice’s offerings include branded offices for companies needing secure, private facilities; dedicated lines; video conferencing; etc. private entrances and agile infrastructure.
For smaller companies, it has complemented private offices with the development of popular four-person pods, which are semi-private office spaces for organizations looking for affordability and flexibility beyond what traditional office leases provide.



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