Startups Bring Yoga Practice to Home

Yoga is a very practical exercise and does not require complicated equipment, especially if you regularly practice in a studio that usually prepares all the equipment.
Over the past five years, the industry has grown, thanks to more health-conscious individuals participating in yoga. In the coming years, many studios will emphasize the health merits of yoga to attract the burgeoning elderly population. In addition, a lot of activities are moving online and mobile and there’s nothing wrong if people want to start practicing yoga at home.
To follow this trend, a lot of startups and established companies are entering the market via digital content (DIY video and tutorials) to improve the tecnique, via digital tools to track the activity and get access to advanced information about the result, or via an Online Yoga Store that sells traditional equipment, digital devices and gadgets and other related products.
Let’s have a look at the main yoga equipment and (physical and digital) tools people need to the practice.

1. Yoga mat

When practicing in the studio, usually you just come and can use a mattress that has been prepared in the classroom. But if you practice yourself at home, then the yoga mat is the main equipment that you must have, because yoga practice will be more comfortable and safe when using a good quality yoga mat. When you are going to buy a yoga mat, make sure you pay attention to the thickness of the mattress. Usually a thickness of 5mm up is good for everyday use. For mattresses that can be used or taken away, the thickness of 3mm is the most appropriate one. In addition to the thickness, mattress base material also needs to be considered. Make sure the material is easy to absorb sweat, and not slippery too. Surely you want to buy a durable mat so no need to often buy it repeatedly.

2. Yoga blocks

The first time you start practicing yoga, many poses may seem difficult to do. Using yoga blocks can help you in various yoga poses that you have not mastered. For choosing yoga blocks you can consider the material and weight. Some experts recommend blocks made of thick foam, cork, and wooden. The heavier your yoga blocks, the more stable them to be the support for your practice.

3. Yoga strap

In addition to yoga blocks, using yoga strap will help your practice, especially if you feel less flexible in some sitting poses. You can use this support rope to improve your posture, because the strap can help hold the position of the hands and feet so as not to change. There are two types of straps that you can choose the strap belt that looks elongated like a belt and two-circle strap (infinity strap). You need to make sure the strap material is made of thick fabrics that do not scratch your skin.

4. Gadgets aka electronic devices

Not that I advise you to stay online or busy with your electronic devices while practicing yoga, but I understand that often our lives can’t be separated from electronic devices, and your gadgets can be very useful when used appropriately. I suggest you turn off the phone connection so you will not be disturbed by phone calls. And if you have a tablet, this electronic device will be more useful because the larger screen can be used to be a guide in looking at yoga poses. Or even, you can access yoga videos online from world-renowned yoga teachers. You might need a tripod!

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