Nanolock Security Raises $4.5m in Funding

Nanolock Security Inc., an Israeli company that specializes in protecting connected and Internet of Things (“IoT”) devices against cyber security and malware attacks, raised $4.5m in funding.

The Awz Homeland Security Fund, a Canadian venture capital fund that invests in Israeli cyber security, intelligence and physical security technology, made the investment.

Founded in 2016 by Eran Fine, CEO and Shlomo Oren, Chairman, NanoLock has developed a hardware and software based platform that can protect tens of billions of connected and IoT devices that are in constant threat from cyber and functional attacks. The technology enables protection even for devices with limited resources, power and latency concerns, and continues to protect even in situations of local and infrastructure attacks.
The company offers protection for IoT devices exposed to severe attacks that can take over the systems and cause significant economic damage. The patent-protected, end-to-end solution prevents the ability to write malware to the operating system, while enabling highly secure software updates that serve privileged entities.



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