Most Unexpected Bitcoin Startups

As we all know, despite the fact that there is plenty of cryptocurrencies in the market, bitcoin remains the king of them.

Introduced to the world in 2009, bitcoin is still the most popular virtual currency and nowadays it is not surprising to build a whole career based on it.

Blooming market of bitcoin gaming

With the growth of online gambling and rising popularity of bitcoin, it was just a matter of time when those two would mix and match. Online casinos using bitcoin as the main currency are flooding the market and there is no way to stop them.

For all the enthusiasts of the traditional casino games who happened to be cryptocurrency fans as well, online bitcoin casinos are like a dream coming true. These days there is nothing surprising in playing roulette with your digital money. There is plenty of advantages for players, who decide to put their assets in a game. Customers of bitcoin casinos are offered many bonuses that are not available in typical online casinos. Another great feature is the fact that if you choose a casino that operates with the cryptocurrencies, the games that they have on their offer are provably fair.

The most popular games are bitcoin slots. A huge number of online casinos offers not only the ‘old-style’ games like blackjack or baccarat but also a variety of hundreds of bitcoin slots.

Bitcoin startup as a key to success

With the ever-growing popularity of a bitcoin, it was not a long time before it became a real gold mine. Hundreds of investors and innovators have a real stream of ideas of how to use the bitcoin technology and build up a business from it.

Blade, an aviation company situated in New York, has solved the problem of using bitcoin currency in places that have never even heard about it before (which actually seems impossible). The company came up with a prepaid debit card that allows customers to pay with bitcoins in all the retail places accepting cards. That would be great for merchants and vendors who are not ready yet to upgrade their payment systems, but whose customers are willing to use their virtual wallets while shopping.

Another great way of using bitcoin was the idea of BitPesa – a Kenyan remittance service that allows its customers to send fast money transactions to Africa, with a 3% transfer fee. The company exchanges the currency into shillings and sends it to the recipient. Saving you money and time.

Ledger Wallet is a startup created for people who would like to give their digital assets a physical form. Currently, a bitcoin wallet is a private key that allows the owner to operate with their funds. The key, however, is not an object – it is a two-strings character code that can be basically written on a piece of paper. Ledger Wallet would allow you to literally hold up to your e-money.

Last but not least, the Winklevoss brothers. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, previous Olympic rowers, currently businessmen, are planning to launch their company called Gemini this year. Gemini would be a fully regulated bitcoin exchange service, available for individuals interested in cryptocurrencies and companies who want to buy or sell their assets.

Never-ending opportunities

As the list of the newest bitcoin startups could go on and on, one thing is clear – cryptocurrencies are the future and there is an endless list of businesses that are just waiting to be discovered. Having a bitcoin-based company is nothing unusual and we can just wait and witness the new technology boom in the market.

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