DeepWave Technologies Raises Seed Funding Round

DeepWave Technologies, Inc., an Illinois-based neurotechnology wearable startup, raised a seed funding round of undisclosed amount.

Deep Knowledge Life Sciences, the life science focused subsidiary of Deep Knowledge Ventures, led the round.

DeepWave Technologies is a neurotechnology wearable startup commercializing patented technology developed at Northwestern University to enhance cognitive function and memory consolidation via stimulation of Slow Wave Sleep with sound alone.
The device uses an EEG system that synchronizes with the user’s own brainwaves and uses precisely-timed pulses of a pink noise to increase the amplitude of SWA using sound.
Dr. Giovanni Santostasi and his colleagues at Northwestern University have tested this proprietary algorithm on individuals using laboratory-grade EEGs.
He first tested the amount that users’ scores on memory tests improved before and after sleep, to measure the amount of memory enhancement occurring during a normal night’s sleep. He then tested their scores on memory tests when using his device for one night. His algorithm increased the memory test scores of older adults (65+ years) compared to a night of normal sleep by an average of 400%, restoring them to youthful levels.

The company will use the funds for the development of a prototype device which employs this proprietary algorithm to enhance sleep quality and memory via an ergonomic EEG headband worn at night.



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