Vade Secure Raises €10M in Funding

Vade Secure, a global cybersecurity company, raised €10m in funding.

The round was led by Isai Fund.

The company intends to use the funds to invest in R & D with the first target of interfacing its solution with Office 365, as well to expand in Japan and the United States.

Led by Georges Lotigier, President & CEO, Grégoire Lepoutre, Chief Revenue Officer, and Adrien Gendre, Chief Solution Architect, Vade Secure has developed a full set of security features against sophisticated email scams such as phishing and spear phishing, malware and ransomware. The company’s solutions, protecting more than 400 million mailboxes worldwide, are tailored to deal with a large amount of emails to help ISPs, OEMs, hosting companies and enterprises.
Vade Secure has offices in France, USA, Canada, China and Japan.



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