Stradigi Launches Applied Research Center focused on Developing AI Solutions

Stradigi, a Montreal, Canada-based software development company, has launched an applied research center focused on developing innovative AI solutions in high-growth markets.

For the launch of the Stradigi Lab, the company has raised multi-million dollar investments which includes capital from The Dunn Family (family trust of legendary business icon Sir Herbert Holt), Panache Ventures, Mike Cegelski, and Stradigi Ventures.

Led by Carolina Bessega, PhD and astrophysicist, the lab aims to bring AI innovation in such markets as medical and healthcare, sports and social platforms. Bessega serves as the newly appointed Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of the Lab. Her background spans more than 9 years working on international AI-specific projects and she has over 20 years of research experience across the fields of machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, data augmentation and neural networks.
Joining Bessega as co-founders in the Lab are Jaime Camacaro, Stradigi Chief Innovation Officer and both of the original, principal owners and founders of Stradigi’s umbrella companies, Basil Bouraropoulos, CEO and Curtis Gavura, COO.

The first company spun out of the Lab, Propulse Analytics, built a custom AI solution to better understand a customer’s path to purchase for retailers. A second company with a chatting application focused on preventing cyber-bullying is expected to be announced in the near future.
Other examples of research and development projects from Stradigi Labs include working with professional sports organizations on a new predictive analytics platform to improve team performance through tactical recommendations and the drafting process, medical institutions for targeted treatments in areas of heart disease and pain management, and addressing social tools in areas like cyber-bullying and self-harm.

Stradigi plans to add 30 new employees to its current team of 50 with new capital and larger office space in the historic Hermes Building in Montreal.



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