Prellis Biologics Raises $1.8m in Seed Funding

Prellis Biologics, a San Francisco, CA-based human tissue engineering company, raised $1.8m in seed funding.

The round, which brings total funding to date to $1.92m, was led by True Ventures, with participation from Civilization Ventures and 415 Ventures and angel investors.

The company intends to use the funds to speed up drug testing.

Led by Dr. Melanie Matheu, chief executive officer, Prellis Biologics aims to eliminate the wait list for human organ transplants and speed up development of vital new drug therapies. Using innovations in 3D printing and stem cell development, the company can create tissue and organs with the microvascular systems to support viable human tissue.

Prellis’ technology will be brought to market in phases. The first lab-grown tissues will be used to produce antibodies for therapeutics and address issues associated with pharmaceutical development and testing. The first human tissue the company will print for clinical development are islets of langerhans, the functional unit of the pancreas that produces insulin.



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