Knightscope Raises $15M in Series B Funding

Knightscope, a Mountain View, Calif.-based developer of advanced physical security technologies focused on significantly enhancing U.S. security operations, raised over $15m in its $20m Series m Preferred Stock offering.

Over 4,000 investors participated in this financing via SeedInvest, which is in addition to the over $14m closed in the company’s previous three financings.

The last date to participate in the Series m Preferred Stock offering is October 10, 2017.

This milestone achievement comes on the heels of the recent announcement regarding completion of the beta prototypes of both the K1 stationary and K7 multi-terrain machines.

Knightscope is an advanced security technology company that utilizes software, hardware and humans to provide clients with machines to predict and prevent crime.
The company has 46 autonomous data machines under contract with 35 clients across 9 states and 3 time zones.



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