Front Range Biosciences Raises $3M in Bridge Round Funding

Front Range Biosciences, a Lafayette, Colorado-based cannabis agricultural biotech company, raised $3M in bridge funding.

Backers included Phyto Partners, Salveo Capital, Sand Hill Angels, HBS Angels of NYC, NY Angels, Halley Venture Partners, Anthill Ventures, and Canopy Boulder.

The company intends to use the funds to scale its processes, as well as expand into California and other legal cannabis states in the United States.

Led by Dr. Jon Vaught, CEO and co-founder, and Nick Hofmeister, COO and co-founder, Front Range Biosciences is an agricultural biotech company that specializes in tissue culture propagation of high value crops solving the various operational problems that cultivators currently face, such as disease, inefficiency, inconsistency and scale.
Additionally, the company’s varietal improvement program, leverages sequencing technology to create a map of cannabis genetics, to help develop commercially relevant traits in cannabis plants. These traits include disease resistance, oil and resin yield, and production of highly desirable cannabinoid profiles.



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