Florian Graillot Launches Insurtech Focused Venture Capital Firm Astorya.vc

Venture capitalist Florian Graillot has officially launched Astorya.vc, a new early stage venture capital firm focused on insurance innovation.

Based in Paris, France, the firm will invest in European insurtech startups developing such technologies as artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, mobile,among others. which are reshaping the life, health and property & casualty insurance industry.

Astorya.vc will leverage an innovative investment model combining technology to have an exhaustive view of the market, starting with a focus on emerging startups and a complementary team with background in insurance and innovation to identify opportunities, and work closely with startups to structure sustainable businesses.

Formerly at AXA Ventures and Newfund, Graillot is accompanied by an Advisory Board including:

  • Damien Bon, CEO – Stuart,
  • Alex Jubien, ex-Head of mobile – Deezer,
  • Alexis Fabre Ringborg,  ex-Withings,
  • Laurent Gibert, Atos, ex-Aviva,
  • Nigel Walsh, Partner insurance – Deloitte,
  • Clement Royo, ex-Regulator,
  • Olivier Stibler, NeoBank, ex-Groupama, and
  • Alexander Ruthemeier, ex-Rocket Internet.

The team also includes:

  • Patrick Perlmutter, Product management, Growth Mentor,
  • Pauline Pham, Corporate innovation, Growth Mentor,
  • Thibault Taupin, Graphic, Growth Mentor,
  • Adrien Gonzalez, Web Developer, Growth Mentor,
  • Sophie Guibaud, International, Growth Mentor.



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